EESL can provide the necessary components for the complete and safe disposal of your hazardous and industrial wastes. We provide all site services including identification, classification, packaging and documentation. EESL is an independent handler of waste materials, and due to the large amount of waste materials we are processing, we are able to gain a cost competitive edge which can be passed on to you, our customer.
EESL works with its customers to ensure all their policies regarding disposal options have been met or exceeded. It is our job to inform the generators of all options, and allow them to make the choice which best suits their company or personal standards.
We truly believe that a well informed customer will make a well informed decision!
All the disposal companies which EESL conducts its business with have open audit policies. You, as the generator, are encouraged to audit any company with which we work. This will supply you with more information and greater piece of mind.