Analysis of waste materials is a key factor in the identification, troubleshooting and eventual cost of service, treatment and disposal.
EESL has contracted the services of accredited laboratories for the completion of waste profiling and analysis. All field samples can be completed by the customer or EESL's trained staff.
Disposal costs associated with various waste materials is determined through final analysis. The nominal charges set forth by EESL for such analysis may even save you money through proper classification or re-classification.
EESL can supply the necessary vials, pipettes, syringes and containers to complete the sampling project. We can also supply the procedures for customers wishing to do their own sampling. All samples are returned to EESL via courier for analysis.
Depending on your situation, we can offer analysis turn-around times ranging from 24-48 hours to 7-10 days, also at varying costs.